Massachusetts senate election

There is a light snow at the moment. While the snow and icy roads are cleared here from yesterday, we shall see what kind of weather unfolds throughout the day.

The phone has been ringing steadily over the week end and Monday, with volunteer or robo calls from both senate candidates Martha Coakley and Scott Brown. Sometimes the political ads during the day ran consecutively from different funding sources. The ceremonies for Martin Luther King took a backstage on this holiday.

There appears to be a lot of attempts at figuring out what is going on concerning the meteoric rise in the polls of Mr. Brown. I assume most readers have a bit of background on this race, so I will not offer that here. Of course, without the super-majority bar being pushed and accepted in the US Senate and a contentiously fought health insurance bill, this race would have less national coverage.

One needs to remember Massachusetts (is that spelled correctly? I spell it MA) has an electoral mind of its own. It has 51% registered independents out of the pool of registered voters. Even though there are three times the number of registered Democrats than registered Republicans (roughly 36% to 12%) we have had a Republican govenor for 16 years since William Weld took the position in 1991.

The state legislative bodies are overwhelmingly Democratic.

The 1972 national election saw MA being the only state going for George McGovern, DC not being a state. The 1980 national election had MA split the vote 41.90% Reagan to 41.75% Carter, over 15% going to the Independent.

Whether this special election is a bellwether for a national trend or just a reflection of MA voter quirkiness and bad timing for any election to reflect a trend in overall voter sentiment (low turnout might make it more of a comment on political machine effectiveness and preparedness) is not something I feel comfortable expounding on from a knowlegeable perspective.

I am going out to vote, and await results and implications. So this is a topical thread I believe.

Update: Heavy turnout at the polls

Update 2: Martha Coakley concedes 9:24 tonight.