Read the Bill! (3.3 MB)

The House Bill is out. It’s different, at a minimum in its numbering, ‘Sec 113’ and ‘Sec 116’ don’t mean what they did yesterday. I’m going to take some time to read through the naughty bits, maybe some of you could too. Discussion/updates later.

Update one. (Sec 102) Medical Loss Ratios set at a minimum of 85% but could be set higher. Cue the squealing from AHIP.

Two (Sec 105) Group plans required to offer optional coverage of kids up to the age of 26.

Three (Sec 107). In (I think) 22 states it was legal to treat a history of Domestic Violence as a pre-existing condition that could be denied coverage. This bill would eliminate that particular barbarity.

(Sec 110). Sweet!! No longer can you screw over retirees after the fact. If you retire with health care coverage you keep it. (Corporations are infamous for pulling this particular chair out from under former employees.)

(Sec 202) is the new Sec 102, the one certain wingnuts insisted banned individual private insurance altogether. Wingnut 102: How HR3200 Outlaws Private Health Insurance. Ah! Good times! To recap: if you got shitty individual insurance now you can keep it, but after Jan 1, 2013 new individual plans have to be offered through the Exchange and so be QHBPs (Qualified Health Benefit Plans)

(Sec 213) is the new Sec 113, Insurance Rating Rules. As in the original the premium ratio due to age can’t be higher than 2:1 (insurance companies were pushing for 5:1 or even 7:1),

(Sec 262) Anti-trust exemption repealed.