What about me!

by divorced one like Bush

So I’ve been thinking: What, since the passage of Medicare has the federal government implemented that actually reduced the risk of living for the US citizen?

No, tax cuts do not count. They do not reduce risk. We have reduced risk for business all over the place. NAFTA, CAFTA, exemption of HMO’s from anti-trust, removal of banking regulation, reduction of oversight, allowing payment in the form of stock options, all of these promoted ever larger and thus less competition and thus less risk. All of them allowed a bigger piece of the income pie, thus reduced risk by increasing income. Tax reductions do not increase income, just decrease expense and ultimately reduce services that people relied on to reduce the risk of living in the US. We protected Harley Davidson, we financially backed bad business results. We reduced the 5 mph bumper to 2.5 for the auto industry. None of this has reduced the risk of living, and have actually increased the risk of living in the US.

Katrina? Lead paint in Asian products, contaminated food. Cut’s in education, medical, civil services, infrastructure failure. Privatization may have reduced some costs, deregulation may have decreased some costs (the supposed Walmart benefit), but all of it shifted cost to the individual removing it from the collective. It has resulted in a greater risk of financial ruin in an environment that has decreased the share of income to the 99%. Not having a corresponding rise in income with a rise in productivity only served to increase risk to US.

I want to know of a piece of legislation that actually removed or significantly reduced the risk of living life in the US such that the US citizen was that much closer to succeeding in their pursuit of happiness. I’m not interested in some little piece for a sector of the citizenry. I want to know if anyone can name a piece of legislation such as Social Security, 40 hr work week, Civil Rights, Medicare that has passed since Medicare that actually reduce risk for US such that We the People felt that much more secure in our individual lives in that fear has been reduced.