Marvel character Revanche
Hmmmm…guess not.


A reader was wondering about our loyal following of “conservative” commenters. That neo-conservatism was not conservativism was suggested in comments to a post on PNAC (Bruce Webb) by a reader objecting to the perceived characterization.

Link to interview on NPR with author Sam Tanenhaus. In his latest book, The Death of Conservatism, an expansion on his January article in The New Republic…. (changed to link as embed was slowing things down by report)
This is an interesting interview. It is not tongue in cheek. Ultimately I am not either, but…

1. So the role of government as a positive force is old fashioned conservatism, but government is carefully watched and to be kept small.

2. Concern for the ordinary citizens’ welfare is allowed and actually encouraged. (Is this in opposition to corporate welfare?).

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