Physician Office IT

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Latest in Physician Office IT

Who will lead the charge to install IT in physician offices?

Sam’s Club and Dell.


Sam’s Club will partner with Dell and eClinicWorks for software, hardware, training and maintenance. No joke.

The system will integrate patient appointments and billing (the billing modules are ultra-complex and carry significant risk of major problems).

Wal-Mart has some experience with health care IT, primarily in pharmacy and optometry. WM also has used the software in a limited number of redi-clinic settings (which are much different than a regular physician office).

Does Wal-Mart understand the complexities of physician office operation and the vagaries of dealing with physicians?

The $20B stimulus money had to attract a lot of vendors, this may be the surprise leader of the pack.

Tires, lettuce, underwear, health IT. Such a concept.

Hat tip: International Herald Tribune 3/11/2009
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