Tom Daschle’s health care book – Part II

Tom (STR) has another post at Health Care Think Tank

Senator Daschle wants to build on the current private system, but also expand the scope and reach of federal government programs.

The Federal Health Board, modeled after the Federal Reserve Board, would initially be directed at the federal government programs, but Daschle makes it clear that with enough influence the FHB would assert significant control over the entire U.S. health care system.

“I believe a Federal Health Board should be charged with establishing the system’s framework and filling in most of the details. This independent board would be insulated from political pressure [emphasis mine] and, at the same time, accountable to elected officials and the American people. This would make it capable of making the complex decisions inherent in promoting health system performance. It also would give it the flexibility to make tough changes that have eluded Congress in the past.” (page 169)

“The Federal Health Board would have regional boards that would have a say in national decisions, but would focus primarily on promoting best practices and quality of care locally…… Over time, the regional boards might assume other roles, such as ensuring an adequate supply of certain services or linking payments to performance…..” (page 170)

Next post, the five functions of the proposed FHB.