Satire? Or Prophecy? Or just Being There?

In 1979 Peter Sellers starred in a brilliant movie about the ultimate in accidental Presidents. As the movie ends Chance the Gardiner has not actually been elevated to be Leader of the Free World but is well on his way. Because people could read meanings they wanted to hear into what he was saying. I hadn’t made the connection until today but this movie tells us much about the process which left us with the Boy Chimperor Bush. When Chance admits “I don’t read” this is taken as a statement that he instead acts from the gut and not by taking direction from the pointy headed among us. Which should sound painfully familiar. You want a ‘Bush Legacy Project’? I suggest forwarding a copy of the DVD to his library. It will probably give a lot more insight than any number of future biographies.

The only real difference between Chance the Gardiner and George W. Chimperor is that the team that picked Chance to be the leader of the Free World didn’t know where he came from. Whereas Uncurious George came with a pedigree. But the decision making process was much the same.