A Collective "Aw, Gee" is in order

CNN works hard for its money:

Although ex-presidents in Adams’ day quickly descended into obscurity after their years in the Oval Office, today the transition away from serving as the leader of the free world is high-profile, potentially very lucrative and, above all, a difficult job in itself.

This is especially true for Bush, historians and political observers say. He not only must oversee the construction of a presidential library and begin writing his memoirs, but he also must grapple with salvaging a legacy mired in the lowest presidential approval ratings in history.

Despite the Dolphin Lady’s protestations (op. cit. Digby), “lowest presidential approval ratings in history” isn’t really an Exogenous variable.

At least now we know why he’s moving to Dallas; he’s got a job “oversee[ing] the construction of a presidential library.” Maybe he can hire Michael D. “Heckuva Job” Brown to work with him on this one, too.