Regulation matters

by reader Movie Guy

I reviewed the OMB Watch list of proposed and final rules. If approved and published in the Federal Register, it is possible if not likely that some will be reversed.

Unfortunately, OMB Watch doesn’t appear to provide government links necessary to follow up and monitor further actions. So, here are some key government links worth noting:

OMB – Regulatory Matters

Federal Regulatory Information – User Tips

Federal Register index

More interesting links:

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents

I recommend that those who have interest in monies flowing down to State level click on the “ASSISTANCE” and then the “BY PLACE OF PERFORMANCE” button under for specifics.

This is the best government web site of its type that I have ever encountered. Pretty good info once you go a step further and click on “list of recipients” and “list of transactions” under each State or Agency concerned.

I hope the Obama Administration continues to provide the web site or one just like it in the interests of transparency and time-saving research.

If the Obama Administration doesn’t continue to provide a web site very similar to, then a red flag should go up on the blogs and elsewhere. Hard to top this consolidated info.
by Movie Guy

(slightly edited to hyper-link format…rdan. I have also alerted OMB Watch to be more conscientious with original sources, and should link to us…we have MG.)