Bruno says yes for Illinois

Bruno Behrend at WKRS updates us:

Since we were last in contact, the campaign to get a Constitutional Convention in IL is basically consuming my life. I’ve gotten my first book out (co-written), and I’m working to get a “yes” vote to reform this horribly corrupt state.

The reason I’m taking the time to tell you non IL folks about this is that the political class of IL (both left & right) has banded together to prevent reform, and while we have a compelling non-parti an case for reform, no one in IL seems to be interested.

You’d find it ironic (but maybe not) that our allies in this fight are mostly Alinsky-ite lefties who want to break the gridlock and corruption. All the corrupt Unions and Business interests have raised $2 mil to stop a yes vote.

If either of you are dialed into a good source of lefty money (Soros, et al), I can promise you that I will use every dime of it to destroy the IL Republican Party, as the convention issue/process has the chance of doing. There are no contribution limits in Illinois, so one big donation could do the trick.

I’ve attached a pdf of our book. If you want to donate, go to Yes for Illinois.

I’m going broke doing this, but I’m enjoying cleaning the clocks of the pasty white business hacks and over-powered teacher unions lackeys they send to debate me.