What is the message for the next three months?

The NYT has a long article that MG and spencer mention is worth a careful look…perhaps a post or two. The quote I pulled from the article is the immediate political concern as well as the message that economic arguments need a modern cast to them given our “reality” of stagnant overall income for most of us, high energy prices, the current tax structure, and current deficit structure.

The new Democratic consensus isn’t complete, obviously. Labor unions, in particular, would prefer more trade barriers than many other Democrats. During the primaries Obama nodded, and at times pandered, in this direction. Since then, he has disavowed that rhetoric, to almost no one’s surprise. Yet his zig-zagging on the issue did highlight the biggest weak spot in his, and his party’s, economic agenda. He still hasn’t quite figured out how to sell it. For all his skills as a storyteller and a speaker, he has not settled on a compelling message about how to put the economy on the right path.

The union piece as an illustration in politics is one thing, the overall message another.