wants you to participate in presidential debate

I have an interesting opportunity for you guys at Angry Bear! First
off, thank you for your continued support of Facing Up to the Nation’s
Finances. Now, however, I am writing about the presidential debates.
Please read the letter below and let me know if you’re interested:

Hello, my name is Billy Hallowell and I am the director of content
here at VoterWatch. We are reaching out to you today to discuss “The
Presidential Debates Project” — an exciting new project that we’d
like to invite you to participate in. “The Presidential Debates
Project” is intended to bring together traditional journalists,
bloggers and prominent minds from the left and right in an innovative
and informative manner. Using our technology, these individuals will
blog within live video coverage of the four presidential/one
vice-presidential debates.

A major component of our work at VoterWatch’s is our innovative video
player technology. This technology allows users to insert commentary
(fact checks, links, corroborative content, etc.) within video. The
commentary then scrolls alongside the video. The “Presidential
Debates Project” aggregates coverage that encompasses hard news and
opinion. Each journalist would have his or her commentary presented
on the corresponding outlet’s web site or blog. Then, we will air all
of the content on our web site, providing an intriguing record for the
public to view following each debate. This project is the perfect
opportunity to air the event, while inserting commentary, hard news
and/or perspective for your visitors.

Update:First, thanks for posting this! Secondly, this is very different. Our tool is about an interactive presentation that in synced collectively to specific points within video.
Billy Hallowell

The goal of our project is to bring together numerous perspectives on
American politics as well as non-partisan annotations in order to have
the electorate not only more informed, but also more motivated to
understand the realities behind what the candidates are saying.

I look forward to discussing your potential involvement in this project.

Billy Hallowell
Director of Content, VoterWatch
“The Congressional Record You’ve Always Wanted”