The last twenty years and Krugman

by tin man and rdan

Paul Krugman said some thing in the NYT. We wondered about these questions too.

What was the mechanism for the leveling of healthcare costs in the Clinton ‘90s? (If they did actually level?)

What was the mechanism for the same to skyrocket as they have in the past 8 years.(What was the rate of increase in “healthcare” costs from 2000-2008?)

Any legal changes (obligations by employers to provide healthcare)?

Changes in how healthcare expenses (employer costs) are accounted for on the balance sheet (one of the myriad changes to finance/banking law)?

Paul Krugman doesn’t provide any justification/numbers for his conclusions/assertions within the article but notes generalities/trends across the 15-16 years of the two presidents. How do we begin to account for the trends and mechanisms?