Political Spin

FA ask”Real after-tax income per person has risen by 9.6 percent – $2,840 – since the President took office”

If this is true, then how can the claims of the Left that American incomes have been declining be true?

This is exactly how political spin is done. Cite a number that is big. OK, over 7 years real per capital after tax income rose 9.6%.

Sounds good.

That works out to be about 1.3% per year.

So how does 1.3% per year look compared to historic norms.

Pretty poor. But that is what political spin is. Quote a big number that sounds good and count on the public or the reporter to not be able to put it in perspective.

FA falls for it every time and does not understand why people here at Angry Bear that have actually put these claims in perspective do not take him seriously.

OK here is your data on
real median family income.

2000 59398
2001 58545
2002 57920
2003 57751
2004 57705
2005 58036
2006 58407
2007 #N/A

It is from the Census Current Population Report, Series P – 60.