Free market oil drilling -what’s wrong with Bush?

Op ed by rdan

Oil and gas companies should “use or lose” access to the 68 million publicly held acres where they can currently drill but aren’t. There’s no reason that companies should be able to lock up oil and gas reserves on publicly held land when we’ve made a choice as a nation to begin extraction in those locations. Let’s find a company that will if that is our choice, with proper protections, and get on with it. One year should be enough time to transfer ownership and re-direct government subsidies to companies that have get up and go.

Update: Smiley face here. I haven’t gone all radical dem.

Update 2: Need access to proof there is little oil and gas in those acres. Preferably geologic exploratory information. The software is available to do just that, so anyone???

Update3: Oil and Gas 101
Oil and Gas Lease descriptions”

Update 4: Per capita use of electricity by state