Petroleum imports numbers all sources

U.S. Crude Oil Imports from All Countries (Thousand Barrels)

Decade /Year

1967 411,649

1977 1,935,012

1987 1,705,922

1997 3,002,299

2007 3,656,170

The chart indicates a doubling of imported oil in twenty years. Population has doubled since the sixties. How is the US going to maintain per capita consumption at these levels? How can a market keep up without planning to mitigate severe changes?

Exports of crude to elswhere (thousand barrels)

1967 26,451

1977 2,146

1987 54,964

1997 39,308

2007 8,999

The charts do not translate to the post, so I picked 2007 and simply worked backwards by decade as an illustration.