$10,000 limit. Can’t fill the tank

Seems another sign of the new era of banking fraud awareness comes from the price of gasoline/fuel. You can’t pump more than $75 worth.

The $75 limit “ensures merchants and customers are protected from fraud,” says MasterCard spokesman Tristan Jordan.

Visa and Mastercard are worried about you and the station getting ripped off. Really? Interesting though how the station owners say it is the policy of the card companies but Visa said it’s the fault of the owner.

Visa and MasterCard have no immediate plans to go higher. “It’s something we always look at,” Wilke says.
Visa raised its pump limit from $50 in April, but $75 isn’t keeping up with gas prices. At $4 a gallon, $75 buys 18 3/4 gallons. A 2008 Toyota Sequoia SUV’s tank holds more than 26 gallons, a Chevy Avalanche sport pickup totes up to 31 1/2 gallons, and a 33-foot or longer Winnebago Adventurer RV hauls 75 gallons.

Of course there is a solution. Swipe it twice, or in the case of the RV, 4 times. Too much? Then they offer that you can run your card inside. Frankly, I’m not sure what difference there is in protection if you swipe the card inside. The card company is still going to be on the hook if the cashier doesn’t ask for ID.

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What are you gonna do
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