Whatever floats your boat

The NYT reports:

Behind the numbers in the Accountability Office study, experts say, is a dynamic of mutually re-enforcing deficiencies: ever-changing Pentagon design requirements; unrealistic cost estimates and production schedules abetted by companies eager to win contracts, and a fondness for commercial technologies that often, as with the ferry concept, prove unsuitable for specialized military projects.

At the same time, a policy of letting contractors take the lead in managing weapons programs has coincided with an acute shortage of government engineers trained to oversee these increasingly complex enterprises.

A bureacracy takes tending and nurturing to be effective and efficient. The culture of excellence for any bureacracy is always a work in progress, but how many agencies of our government are in this boat, so to speak?

Which are bloat and which make us float? And what mission is the agenda underneath? Imagine being in charge of this project as a reasonably conscientious engineer…like me being in charge of Army ptsd projects…the pain and frustration might be unbearable with the superimposed agendas.