Angry Bear on the rise

Angry Bear has been steadily increasing its readership, but in the last three months especially has seen a significant rise in visits. For the first time ever we had over 100,000 visits in March, which is a milestone given that around 60,000 was common. (Real figures can be evaluated on the sitemeter. January saw 90,000, February saw 80,000).

Of course our friend Calculated Risk refers many to Angry Bear over several years, but I also want to especially give a hat-tip to Real Clear Markets for consistent reference to Angry Bear in their Off the Street section.

Salon-The Blog Report has carried Angry Bear posts consistently recently. Readers from Naked Capitalism have come by more often as well. Mark Thoma at Economist’s View carries posts from Angry Bear in the weekly links update, listed by author, but seems to be including more of our posts. Thank you.

I want to take the time to thank Calculated Risk and Real Clear Markets readers for their vote of confidence.