Spitzer, DC Madame and Emperor’s Club

Here is a list of some of the possibilities floating around the media and blogs concerning what is relevant to the Spitzer case:

1. Use of campaign funds to finance the activity.
2. Violation of the Mann Act.
3. Suspicion of making bank transfers to avoid the $10,000 alert threshold.
4. A public official contributing to a criminal organization.
5. Hypocrisy.
6. Specific leaks of named suspect.

How could these not be possibilities for the DC Madame case if one looked half-heartedly?
1. Any SARS not acted upon? Even legitimately. Should we recheck them?
2. Does going from Virginia to DC and back constitute interstate traffic? Or another state close by?
4. Easily established…paying is assumed.
5. To what intensity does it count?
6. No leaks…why not? Must have been a lot of work to keep this from leaking.