Intelligent design-what to do? Whining does not cut it.

The Tax Foundation breaks down data as to who does not pay federal income taxes. I suggest that those who skim the surface of statistics about who pays not assume their point is made and a moral laid on the table by simply quoting 1% pays X.

Age: While the zero-tax tax filers tend to be young, two-thirds (or 8.8 million) of the non-filers are older than age 55. By contrast, only 10.7 percent of the larger population of zero-tax filers are older than age 55. As Table 2 shows, when zero-tax filers and non-filers are combined, more than half of all households that will pay no income taxes are either younger than age 25 or older than age 55.

This year, a record 44 million tax returns – one-third of all returns filed – will have no income tax liability because of the available credits and deductions in the tax code. This is a 50 percent increase in the number of zero-tax filers in just four years. In addition to these zero-tax filers is 14 million individuals or households who do not earn enough to file a tax return. Overall, some 58 million taxable households are outside of the income tax system.

My dad pays no federal income taxes. So what?