Updating design of AB-left hand side

I noticed that parts of the website are very dated and no longer accurate. Since no one is in charge with the time available to make changes such as cactus and pgl, I would like to begin the process to make the changes and come to some consensus of how and what to change.

The easiest additions and subtractions include whether authors want to make their e-mail available in a public manner in the column on the upper left section. I have added rdan and deleted kyle. Such communication is voluntary, so approved authors can add their names or send me the information to make the addition. The link can be used for readers to send well reasoned potential posts that agree or disagree with current posts, and is a major strength in my mind of the site second only to the brilliant analysis of current thinking. I believe there are currently ten or so authorized.

How the information changes in the ‘About AB’ is something I imagine pgl and cactus might want to begin, and then authors can add to the discussion about what AB is currently. I think it can be a narrowly defined citation of backgrounds and such.

The list of posts by topic is outdated, the most current being maybe a couple years old. The older posts are interesting, and may be preserved somehow in organized fashion, but I would like to see updated topics and posts. Some suggestions for subjects would be:

Social Security
Left/right blog material
Presidential economics
Resources and costs


Let me know via rdan. Some of the subjects have obvious authors and posts to tally from the current contributors, authors or readers, and can be quickly changed with appropriate lists.