OldVet sends a note

Bush replaces neo-con shill Karen Hughes with Jim “Dow 36,000” Glassman at State Department.”

Dear Mr. President,

Nice hand parrot you’ve named there in Mr. Glassman! Maybe he’ll do better as chief salesman for the State Department in the Middle East. Better than the hard bitten thug in a skirt-Karen Hughes, to whom nobody listened.

Having failed to talk up investors in the West into pushing the DOW to 36,000 as he promised in his book in 2000, maybe he’ll have better luck with the oil sheikhs.

As to that shortage of Foreign Service Officers overseas, amounting to a 10% shortage in posts other than Baghdad and Kabul, this should help recruitment. All you have to do is go “squawk squawk squawk” when the President clinches his fist, and you’ve got the job. Makes more sense than all those tests and interviews for regular State Department drones in the past.

Now we can get busy selling with a top salesman like Glassman in the job. That’s what we needed, not all those “policies” and “hard choices” and “strategy” the regular diplomats were always going on about. It’s not about making sense, it’s about making sales! Shouldn’t you have made him Chief Economic Deputy Secretary or something? Congrats, Mr. President the Decider. Insincerely, OldVet

(This is written by OldVet.)

Update: Now that picture was worth the wait