Innovation only happens when maximizing? Or failure of imagination?

NYT reports on another innovator for the less affluent. Add in the $100 laptop, less expensive ways to chain wifi, and voila…freer markets without the huge drain of billion dollar Ceo networks who weigh us down with bloated bureacracies and constricted thinking about profit structures. Maybe ‘maximize’ and ‘innovation’ are not synonomous after all, as bureacrats public and private might want to convince us?

He quit Microsoft and, with his stepfather, Ira Weise, and a former Microsoft colleague built a social-networking site to connect Bangalore’s yuppies with its laborers. (The site, which Mr. Blagsvedt started this summer and runs out of his home, focuses on Bangalore now, but he plans to spread it to other Indian cities and maybe globally.)

Building a site meant to reach laborers earning $2 to $3 a day presented special challenges. The workers would be unfamiliar with computers. The wealthy potential employers would be reluctant to let random applicants tend their gardens or their newborns. To deal with the connectivity problem, Babajob pays anyone, from charities to Internet cafe owners, who finds job seekers and registers them online. (Babajob earns its keep from employers’ advertisements, diverting a portion of that to those who register job seekers.) And instead of creating an anonymous job bazaar, Babajob replicates online the process by which Indians hire in real life: through chains of personal connections.

Just one frame to sell.