Look to the holy for an answer for the sacrifice?

Yahoo news has reported a straight forward comment by David Walker of the GAO on interpretation of the statistics of The Interview forthcoming today. It is like reading oracles to interpret the future. Central information remains unavailable, but feel free to interpret.

Some reports say Petraeus will argue that sectarian violence in Iraq has fallen by up to 75 percent under the surge.
“We could not get comfortable with (the military’s) methodology for determining what’s sectarian versus nonsectarian violence,” Walker told senators.
“You know, it’s extremely difficult to know who did it, what their intent was.”
Walker was unable to go into further details, as the rest of the GAO’s conclusions in the report on sectarian violence have been declared secret by the Pentagon, and urged senators to read the classified version of the study.
Democratic Senator Jack Reed asked why such vital information to assessing the state of US policy in Iraq was such a closely guarded secret.
“This may seem like a dumb question — why is this classified? I mean, who are we trying to keep this information from: the American people?” Reed said.
Democratic committee chairman Carl Levin meanwhile said he would make a request by the end of Friday for relevant portions of the report to be declassified, so senators could discuss them in a public setting.

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I can think of no reason to keep the results and methodolgy of data a secret. It might depend how detailed the published report is to protect somebody, but a single figure is awfully vague.