Did Rand Beers Leak to Dana Priest?

High comedy from NRO’s The Corner as JPod accuses Rand Beers of leaking:

So Newsweek is reporting that Mary McCarthy denies being the leaker. This despite stories in the press saying that she failed a polygraph and admitted to it. McCarthy’s not the the one who told Newsweek. Do you know who did? Her “close friend” Rand Beers. Who’s Rand Beers? The National Security Council staffer who quit in 2003 and went to work as John Kerry’s senior national security campaign adviser. You know who else is Rand Beers’s old friend from the National Security Council staff? Joseph C. Wilson IV. Just saying.

Not a shred of evidence for this allegation exists – but when did that stop the Cornerites of attacking anyone associated with Senator Kerry in any way? Just saying.