The View from the Right

While I fundamentally disagree with the premise of the following short piece from the AEI, its title is just too funny to pass up:

Congressional Republicans Make French Socialists Look Like Ronald Reagan

As was the case during the Reagan years, the culture of spending has prevailed over the Republican promises to control spending and become fiscally responsible. After too many years in power, Republicans have forgotten the principles and values they should be standing for and have joined hands with the Democrats in the big spending orgy. The drama surrounding a phony savings package presented as a spending cut is the latest example of that behavior…

Apparently Republicans in Washington still have some way to go before they satisfy their small-government base…


UPDATE: Others on the right are now actually starting to talk about the need for higher taxes, as this piece from Sunday’s IHT reports. Even Bruce Bartlett is quoted as saying “I do believe tax increases are absolutely inevitable.”