PlameGate Update: Is Jonah Goldberg Hoping That Cheney Confesses?

Jonah Goldberg reads another story noting that Karl Rove may have been in more legal jeopady that Jonah has been assuming. Jonah protests that he now neither understands or cares much about this issue. But really – when has he ever grasped the issues or cared about the outing of a CIA agent? If he did – he have to resign from the National Review. But this comment takes the cake:

Perhaps when there’s a coherent explanation that will change.

Does he understands the whole purpose of the coverup? It is to AVOID making this issue clear. But anyone who has followed this issue suspects that Scooter Libby is falling on the sword to coverup the treason of the Vice President. Yes, Dick Cheney could provide a very clear explanation that even Mr. Goldberg could follow – if dishonest Dick ever bothered to tell the truth. You say that’s not very likely? Perhaps not – but it is as likely as getting an honest and principled discussion from the National Review crowd.