Zell Miller on PlameGate: It Doesn’t Matter

Via the National Review comes the Zell Miller excuse for leaking the name of a CIA operative – attack Joseph Wilson:

To the media, it doesn’t matter that the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence says Wilson lied about what he did and with whom he met while investigating Iraqi attempts to purchase “yellowcake” uranium. To the media, it doesn’t matter that the CIA says what Wilson did actually find supported that Iraq was attempting to buy the uranium – a direct contradiction to Wilson’s public claims. To the media, it doesn’t matter that he claimed the vice president assigned him to the uranium investigation when we all know now it was his wife.

Do these seem like the same old excuses we’ve heard for over two years? Well read on and see what Miller wants to do to alleged traitors like Valerie Plame. Miller’s rant is based on the usual pack of lies from the rightwing apologists for Libby, Rove, and perhaps other partisan hacks in the White House. No – Mr. Wilson did not lie. It is the apologists for this White House who are lying.

But even if Mr. Wilson did say something that was not 100% accurate. It doesn’t matter. What Libby, Rove, and et al. did is inexcusable.

Shame on the Atlanta Journal & Constitution for even running this op-ed.