Cheney Explains Why Invading Iraq was a Mistake

Cheney asks this question:

“Would the United States and other free nations be better off or worse off with (Abu Musab al-) Zarqawi, (Osama) bin Laden and (Ayman al-) Zawahiri in control of Iraq?” he asked. “Would be we safer or less safe with Iraq ruled by men intent on the destruction of our country?”

Chris Bertram provides this reply:

Let me get this straight. At time t you advocate a policy involving the invasion and occupation of Iraq on multiple grounds, none of which include the forestalling of an Al Qaeda seizure of power in Iraq (since such an eventuality is risibly improbable). At time t+n , as a direct consequence of that brilliant policy, the only options are (a) its continuation or (b) an Al Qaeda takeover of Iraq. Genius. No wonder that man got re-elected.

Update: Norm Dicks (D-Wash.) shares two things with John Murtha:

During much of the debate, Dicks, a Democrat from Bremerton, huddled in the Democrats’ cloakroom with Murtha, a longtime friend. Both men are known for their strong support of the military over the years … Dicks now says it was all a mistake – his vote, the invasion, and the way the United States is waging the war.

A big mistake!