PlameGate: Blaming the Wilsons

Today saw no public announcements of indictments but leave it to the Corner to be attacking the victim again. But the best one has to be clueless Jonah Goldberg:

Hasn’t Cliff been making the case that Wilson outed his wife to David Corn? Isn’t that a thin reed of hope?

(1) Cliff May is a liar.

(2) Cliff’s bogus argument is that the name of Valerie Plame has been publicly available for a long time. Then again, Fitzgerald interviewed her neighbors and no one knew she was a CIA agent. Then again – Cliff never bothered to explain this concept to Jonah.

(3) David Corn wrote his article on July 16, 2003. He learned that Ms. Plame was a CIA agent by reading Robert Novak’s article on July 14, 2003.

Maybe we will have some real news tomorrow.

Update: Class Clown Byron York Visits Wilson’s Neighbors
William Buckley has a talent for hiring great comedians. Read how Byron York opens his latest at the Corner:

One of the key questions about the CIA leak investigation has been: Just how covert was Valerie Wilson? At various points in the probe, there have been reports that a number of people – friends, neighbors – knew that Wilson worked for the CIA.

Really Byron? Like who? Maybe a couple of names. Oh wait, he does provide two names:

But I met two of those neighbors, David Tillotson and Marc Lefkowitz, this evening, and they both said that the visit they got from investigators on Monday was the first time they had ever been contacted by anyone from the Fitzgerald investigation. Both men seemed surprised that it had taken Fitzgerald so long to come calling; they reasoned, like everyone else, that if they had known Wilson’s secret, then others probably would have, too. But Fitzgerald had never asked, until Monday. The bottom line, however, is that both men said they did not know that Mrs. Wilson worked for the CIA. They said they were friends with the Wilsons, but did not have a clue about her true employment.

They did not have a clue! Byron is such a jokester.

What did you say? Byron was lying to the readers of the National Review Online? Now – who would be stupid enough to fall for such an obvious falsehood? And Mr. Buckley would not allow his staff to treat his readers this way – would he?