PlameGate & Rove: the Right Reacts – Part IV

Now that denial and the so what approach is not working, phase III is in full motion – the smear Joseph Wilson approach, that is.

The AP story included this from Ken Mehlman:

Ken Mehlman said Rove was the victim of partisan political attacks by Democrats. Rove “was discouraging a reporter from writing a false story based on a false premise,” said Mehlman. Cooper’s e-mail says that Rove warned him away from the idea that Wilson’s trip had been authorized by CIA Director George Tenet or Vice President Dick Cheney.

Whether every single word from Joe Wilson is 100% accurate is not the issue. The issue is that Karl Rove committed a treasonous act and then lied to cover up his transgression. And as Joshua Marshall notes – on many of these alleged points, it is not Joe Wilson who lied as folks like Mr. Mehlman are lying.

Phase IV seems to be blame the Democrats and it seems the White House has Kyra Phillips as their CNN stooge.

Update: John Podhoretz must think he is really clever:

This is important, because it suggests Rove wasn’t “retailing” the information about Wilson and Plame – wasn’t reporter-shopping to drop a dirty dime on those involved – but was rather a passive source, answering a phone call at the reporter’s behest and presumably changing topics to the sexier one at issue at the reporter’s behest as well.

Passive – not active? Wholesale instead of retail? I have some career advice for John Pod – don’t even try to be a lawyer if such pointless distinctions are the best you have to offer. And it’s very clear that the National Review has little interest in either the rule of law or national security.

Update II: Raw Story exposes the GOP Talking Points.