PlameGate: Former CIA Agents Before Congress

Talkleft provides links to the testimony of:

Larry Johnson and

James Marcinkowski.

It seems these hearings were attended by only Democratic members of Congress. I hope Republican members read the transcripts.

Helen Thomas notes how President Bush has lowered the bar for what is acceptable (hat tip to Mark Thoma).

Speaking of lowering the bar, the National Review finds perjury and obstruction of justice perfectly acceptable behavior for a Republican Administration.

Update: I’d like to thank CalculatedRisk for this link to a discussion of the Face the Nation interview where Alberto Gonzalez had trouble with Bob Schieffer’s question as to the 12-hour delay to inform the White House staff that it must “preserve all materials”. Now note this claim from Andy McCarthy about how President Bush is not evading the issue:

He encouraged the investigation, he made statements about taking action against wrongdoers, and he has repeatedly said he wants the independent counsel to press ahead because he wants to know what happened. He has also sat for an interview himself and encouraged everyone in his administration to be cooperative.

The National Review continues its string of dishonesty in their feeble defense of this Administration.

Update II: Ramesh Ponnuru points to this post, which accuses Larry Johnson et al. with playing politics with PlameGate. Sad – as I had hoped Mr. Ponnuru would not so lower himself in the National Review’s efforts to blame others for Rove’s behavior.