Did Nancy Skinner Question Karl Rove’s Patriotism?

Cliff May thinks so:

On Fox a moment ago, liberal radio talk show host Nancy Skinner said that Karl Rove “is endangering our national security” – her short-hand reference to the Wilson/Plame brouhaha. So the left, which is always shouting: “How dare you question my patriotism!” to people who are not questioning their patriotism is now questioning the patriotism of Karl Rove and President Bush. Nice twist. This has become the left’s new refrain and a useful one it is since the left has long been seen by many Americans as not trustworthy on national security.

Of course, Mr. May questions the patriotism of liberals when there is no basis for doing so. It would seem that he and John Podhoretz want to give us ample reason to question their commitment to national security when it conflicts with their partisan garbage. I only regret that I was not watching FNC for their reaction to Ms. Skinner’s comment.