NRO on Jane Fonda’s Apology

Regardless of how one felt about the Vietnam War – Jane Fonda’s decision to sit in the North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gunship was foolish and offensive. Ms. Fonda has said so herself. And yet, Dexter Lehtinen refuses to let go:

You may have heard that Jane Fonda apologized to Vietnam veterans in her current book. That’s incorrect. She expressed “regret” for one photograph, but remains proud of her Radio Hanoi broadcasts, her efforts to achieve a Communist victory, and her attacks on American servicemen as war criminals. She never uses the word “apology”.

Since I have not read her book (and have no attention of doing so), I have no idea what she wrote about this stupid move many years ago. But I have seen her interviews and she has indeed apologized. I wonder if Mr. Lehtinen will offer an apology for basically lying to his readers?