James Carville Should Buy a Map for the Mother of His Kids

When interviewing Mary Matalin, Tim Russert should invite someone other than her husband to stand in for the Democrats. Nothing against James Carville, but when Mary says things that are simply not true:

MS. MATALIN: There is nowhere in our history, once – Abe Fortas -who did not have majority – a legislative filibuster used for the purposes of stopping nominees.

Someone should call her on these things. If Mr. Fortas did not have a majority in 1968, then why did the Republicans need to filibuster?

When the topic got around to whether Senator Clinton should be our nominee in 2008, Mary said:

MS. MATALIN: I think she’s charismatic, she is – she’ll have a ton of money. She has a bunch of brilliant people, not the least of which is her husband and his …(unintelligible). But no Democrat, Democratic president, has been elected in the last half century that didn’t have some Southern bona fides

So Arkansas is a Northern state and President Kennedy was from the Confederate state of Massachusetts?