Insulting the Spirit of the Atlanta Olympics

I wish to start by thanking the law enforcement officials in various red states for tracking down Eric Rudolph and getting this domestic terrorist to plead guilty. I was not going to say anything about this person given how angry I was over his various attacks on humanity, but the comments of his sister-in-law just reminded me once again of how he insulted the world as well as the citizens of Atlanta that worked so hard to welcome the world back in 1996:

Deborah Rudolph, the suspect’s former sister-in-law, said she believes Rudolph was driven by an animus toward the government and minorities. “He thinks that the strong are having to defend and support the weak,” she said. “He believes that the Bible is the history of the white race, and that the other races in the Bible, you know, are just — he would call them ‘mud people.'” The Olympics, she said, were a target because they featured “all of these people coming from all different countries and cultures and colors and races and religions, all coming together in one place.”

No, Ms. Rudolph – God does not condone the actions of your brother-in-law.