Opposing The Social Security Plan That Does Not Exist

Via Duncan Black comes the latest in hypocrisy from the GOP House leadership in what Duncan calls a cute trick with “There is Plan and No Plan” being Duncan’s perfect title.

I guess the GOP spin is that they have laid out what the problem is and the broad parameters of how to fix the problem. But they have not laid out what the problem is so it’s a little murky what the real GOP agenda happens to be. But one number says it all:


What is the significance of 2018? Simply this – ever since the Reagan-Greenspan Soc. Sec. recommendations were implemented a generation ago, we thought we were prefunding the retirement benefits of the baby boom generation. The 2018 crowd says not so as they want to raid the lock box to bail out those massive General Fund deficits created by the advocates of this free-lunch supply-side nonsense. While I can see why the Democrats might wish to oppose this agenda, I can also see why the GOP leadership refuses to define their agenda in such simple terms. After all, bandits rarely call the bank president before their break into the vault.