Andrew Roth Reads the Angrybear – and then lies

He writes over at their Social Security blog

“Club for Growth Rejects Investing Soc. Sec. Funds in Stocks”

Because that statement is completely false, whoever wrote it clearly has lazy fact-checking skills.

Well, he got my title right but he forgot to read the first sentence of my post. Notice I challenged readers to see if Cato provided any evidence for their claim that governments will use stock market investments for political purposes. Here is the best Mr. Roth can do:

In it, the good fellas over at Cato wrote that having the government, as opposed to individual workers, invest our Social Security taxes in the stock market, is NOT a good idea. We agree.

In it, they provide no evidence. And neither does Mr. Roth. I can see why the Club for Growth does not allow comments. Andrew – your readers are not angry that you persistently lie to them? You could take the lead of conservative economists that we at the Angrybear often read and respect, but I guess you’d be fired from the Club for Growth if you did.