Frank Luntz – expert extraordinaire?

Via Daily Howler we see that Tucker Carlson thinks a poll from Frank Luntz is a substitute for a real analysis as to the solvency of Social Security:

CARLSON: Iwant to put up probably the most famous poll ever taken on Social Security. It was taken 10 years ago. But I think it says something important.

GENE SPERLING: I know exactly the one you’re talking about.

CARLSON: Yes. This was taken by Luntz Research, Frank Luntz. And it asked two questions. Will Social Security exists by the time you retire? Twenty-eight percent say yes. Second question, do you believe in UFOs? Forty-six percent say yes.

CARLSON: More people believe in UFOs than they do in Social Security being there when they retire. The Bush administration is on the side of the vast majority of the public. It’s on the side of history. And it’s on the side of what’s right, isn’t it?

SPERLING: You know, for a lot of the last few years, apparently, more people believe in UFOs than approved of President Bush’s economic policies, too.

I could continue to point out how Mr. Carlson interjected nonsense and Gene Sperling tried to discuss substance, but let’s go over to something Joshua Marshall noted. Frank Luntz is listed on the tentative roster for the Advisory Panel on Medical Education along with HMO CEOs, health care experts, and physicians? Of course, the managing director for Luntz Research Companies is Michael Maslansky whose clients include Pfizer and HIP Health Plans. Coincidence?