Conservatives Insulting the Troops

I thought Robert Novak was as pathetic as one could get with this:

Secondly, this is — these are reservists. Reservists are not happy. The Tennessee reservists, they’re not happy being there. I don’t think you’d get that kind of a reaction from the regulars.

Novak was suggesting any reservists that complained about a lack of armor on the Humvees are whiners. Notice reservists are not as brave as the “regular” soldiers per Mr. Novak. But then Novak insults the regulars too:

And — but soldiers from the time of Napoleon, or before, of the Roman empire, always complain!

Novak says he was in the Army – but only after the fighting in Korea ceased. Wow – big brave Bob. I guess next time Kate O’Beirne says liberals don’t respect the troops, we should realize she’s talking about her colleague Robert Novak. Oh wait – Kate also opposes taxing the rich to actually provide our soldiers with the proper equipment. Never mind.

Yes, I thought no one could be as pathetic as Novak – but then I read some of ths hostile comments directed at this post from Paul Glastris of Political Animal. Paul – thanks for the post, but tame those animals who offer such nasty comments.