Bipartisan Opposition to Bush’s Soc. Sec. Proposals?

I could say WHAT proposals, but there is some good news in this AP story:

WASHINGTON (AP) — For President Bush to succeed in his drive to let workers put part of their Social Security taxes in private investment accounts, he’ll have to persuade Republicans like Rep. Ray LaHood to vote for it, and that will take some doing. “It’s a no-win for people in the House,” the moderate, 10-year House veteran from rural Illinois said recently. “We risk our political careers. We risk 30-second ads against you saying, ‘You voted to gut Social Security.”‘

Just imagine how strong the opposition would be if the press stopped repeating Bush’s lies such as this:

There is little disagreement that Social Security needs to be bolstered because sometime during the next decade annual benefits paid out will start exceeding revenues coming in. There’s a schism, though, among Republicans over the political wisdom of Bush’s approach to the problem.

Actually, AP had two lies in just two sentences. The first being this incessant garbage that the Trust Fund will go bankrupt in 2018. And the second being that Bush has an “approach to the problem”.