What Is To Be Done?

I think Chris Bowers has it (almost) exactly right:

The solution to our problems, the only solution that actually addresses our problems rather than criticizes us for not doing well at tasks where we actually excel, is to increase the number of liberals in this country at a more rapid pace than the number of conservatives are increasing. We must grow liberalism.

…We have to define liberalism according to positive semiotic frames. We have to be willing to take these frames to every corner of the nation, and run candidates in every single race in every single district (preparation for which begins today). We have to be willing to spend tens of millions of dollars not to win elections, not to help “worthy causes,” but simply to sell liberalism.

…Our growing activist strength was a sight to behold this time around, and I will write more about it in part two of this “memo.” However, in 2008, we could become even more active and do even better on the ground, but still lose because we have kept shrinking. We have to grow the left wing. We have to sell liberalism. We must crush conservatism itself. This will [not] be accomplished by activism alone. This will not be accomplished by “moving to the center.” In fact, this will not even be accomplished by the combination of the two. Instead, we can only win by moving the country itself to the left.

If you don’t like the way the election turned out, then as far as I’m concerned, that should be your assignment for the next several years.