London Dispatch

For the most part it seems like business as usual in London, with scattered sightings of protesters here and there, and some anti-war signs on buses. Upon arriving in Picadilly Square, I did see a group of people with “Shag Iraq” T-shirts–which could really be either a pro or anti-war message…in this case, I think it was anti. Saturday, we saw a group of several hundred sign-waving protesters on their way to a rally in Hyde Park that drew around 100,000 people, which is impressive, but 1/10th the turnout at the last pre-war protest.

Finally, reading the London Times this morning, I skimmed an editorial and in the process thought to myself “what moron wrote this?” Looking to the byline, it was none other than the transplanted Londoner, Andrew Sullivan. You can’t get away from him.