Angry Bear Back from Vacation

I guess the headline says it all. Europe was great and the people were friendly to Americans–at least to us. Unfortunately, I didn’t talk much to the locals about war views. I guess I wasn’t real anxious to approach people and say “Hi, I’m American, what do you think about the war?” Here’s one exchange, which occurred in a pool hall in Brussels:

European: You’re American? How do you feel about the war?

AB: We’re against, she (“Honey Bear”?) is entirely, and I am against without UN and NATO being on board. [pause]…I suppose you’re against?

European: Why? Because I’m Muslim?

AB: No, because you’re European.

European: Yes, I’m against.

Then we played snooker. AB won.

More interesting were the conversations with Americans upon my return. Here’s an unfortunately typical exchange:

American: How was your trip?

AB: I had a great time.

American: Good. Were they mean to you because you are an American?

AB: No, they were quite nice, even the French.

American: You spent money in France?

AB: Yes, lots.

American: I hate the French.

AB: Don’t you see the contradiction in supporting a “war for democracy and freedom” while hating countries that are actual democracies when the leaders of those countries follow a course that reflects the will of 80 to 90 percent of their citizens?

American: I hate the French.

AB: Another beer, please.

In any event, I have to catch up on (1) real work, (2) the news, and (3) my favorite bloggers. Normal posting should resume tomorrow.


P.S. In the meantime, there’s this for your consideration: Is this the second dip? Recent economic numbers show contraction has already begun.