Press Release: Angry Bear Views Growing Exponentially

Cumulative views of 7 (Friday), 23 (Sat.), 76(Sun.), 128 (monday, and today is only half-way over). This is growth, 1990s Enron-Style! So far, the cumulative number of views roughly equals 7 * 2^x, where x is the number of days, inclusive, since 2/14/03. At the current rate of growth, the entire population of the planet will view this site before 3/14/2003!

Note: this is why, when reading statistics–in company financial reports or news articles about the alarming outbreak of malaria in suburban children, you should be skeptical of phrases citing growth rates. Very high growth rates are easy to sustain when the actual magnitudes are small. In the malaria example, if the number of cases of malaria (or other possibly exciting news lead in) increases from one to two, that’s 100% growth!

In any event, I doubt the entire population of the planet will view the site until at least the end of the year.


[Ed. note: this press release was corrected, replacing “number of views per day”, which was incorrect, with “cumulative number of views”]