Just turned on the TV and, flipping through the channels, I come across Bush giving a speech on the economy (I believe he’s in Georgia). The first thing I heard of note was “There’s a blue chip forecasts by economists that predicts growth this year of 3.3%–and that’s positive.” I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he meant that in the “good news” sense rather than the “greater than zero” sense of the the word “positive”.

But then what do I hear from the President?

“”This [tax] plan is fair and it is balanced”

Hmm? Who is writing Bush’s speeches and where do they get their news? It’s not my place to say…I report, you decide.

Just about to sign-off when I heard this: “Ten million seniors rely on dividend income to make sure their quality of life is strong”. See my earilier post.

Most of the speech was on the need for immediate tax relief and a push for dividend tax cuts, then a section on Iraq. I’ve made references to an upcoming dividend tax post, and it’s still upcoming.