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NBER generally gets it right

Brad DeLong suggested a bit before the U.S. election that there was virtually no non-political reason for NBER not to admit the United States was in a recession.* A little late, but they generally got it right. As Floyd Norris notes: The National Bureau of Economic Research said today that the current recession began a […]

Not Just Developing Countries

The most interesting presentation I saw at the AEA last January was Maccini and Yang’s discussion of the effect of rainfall on the health and growth of Indonesian babies.* It was subsequently discussed as an NBER working paper** by Jason Shafrin, and the thing that made it most interesting is that Maccini and Yang found […]

John Lott Looks at Recessions and Rumors of Recessions and Concludes: Media Bias

Here is John Lott at Fox News telling us that all this talk about the economy being in recession is a media myth, and more, part of a pattern of the media trying to make Republicans look bad. He writes: During the 2000 election, with Bill Clinton as president, the economy was viewed through rose-colored […]