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Price Discovery (First of a Series)

I want to talk about something of which I know nothing: Wireless Internet Access. We spent the weekend in pgl-land (NYC), at a friend’s apartment. Since he’s a rather prominent computer graphics designer, I assumed, incorrectly, that he would have some form of Internet access at home.* So I did what I always do: opened […]

Fuel Price Hedging for Cars

Chrysler LLC has stood out among the Detroit Three in being able to sell neither its trucks nor its cars in the slumping auto market. Cue the latest in marketing innovations! Via AutoWeek, Chrysler’s latest sales promo offers buyers three years of (currently) subvented gas (at $2.99 for regular, $3.29 for premium). The deal’s revenue-leakage-limiting […]

Oil and water do not mix to our benefit

The Albuquerque Tribune editorializes: In oil drilling, the question is always who suffers and who benefits – not in the abstract but in the details of daily lives. Sure, the American economy needs more American oil. But mining and property laws are often ruinous to ranchers, farmers and homeowners who are beset by drillers, their […]