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Obama Finally Follows My Advice. Here’s One More Suggestion.

Okay, okay.  I know that Obama doesn’t read AB.  So I know that his decision, reflected in his speech today at a lunch with Associated Press editors and reporters, to finally—finally—start refuting the Republicans’ economics proposals with actual examples and statistics, was not prompted by my repeated laments here that Obama just doesn’t do specifics, i.e., […]

International Law, As Established At Nuremberg*: The ACTUAL Grounds On Which the Supreme Court Will Rule For Shell Oil’s Parent Company In Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum

In her post earlier today on Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum, the sort-of-Citizens–United-like case argued yesterday in the Supreme Court, Linda discusses the issue that was supposed to be the one that the Court would decide, because, well, that was the issue that the lower appellate court, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, decided.  The […]

Pandering to the Right Fringe

by Linda Beale Pandering to the Right Fringe This campaign season has revealed more clearly than ever the ultimate goal of today’s hard right, as manifested in campaign debates and the right-wing think tanks’ output. It is nothing less than dismantling the protections established under FDR–Social Security, Medicare, minimum wage and other safety net protections […]

Graph That Explains Everything About Amity Shlaes

by Mike Kimel Thanks to Linda Beale, I headed over here: The George W. Bush Institute announced today that Amity Shlaes has been named director of the 4% Growth Project, a key part of the Institute’s focus on economic growth. Miss Shlaes will open the project’s office in New York. The aim of the project […]

The AMT: why we should retain it with minor reforms to protect the true middle class

by Linda Beale The AMT: why we should retain it with minor reforms to protect the true middle class A commenter on an earlier thread complained about the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), saying it should be abolished. He seemed somewhat misinformed, suggesting that the alternative to the AMT is better enforcement.It seems that it might […]

Audit rates for the rich increasing–about time

by Linda Beale Audit rates for the rich increasing–about time crossposted with Ataxingmatter Note to readers:  sorry for the long absence again–personal circumstances prevented my blogging for the last several weeks.  I hope that I can again resume regular blogging now, but do apologize for the absence. The IRS recently released its 2010 Data Book, […]